Eye Acupuncture

“Heidi Day, at Healing Points Northwest in Edmonds, Washington has been treating me for glaucoma. I sought her out after researching alternative cures for glaucoma and discovered she was one of only three people in the United States at the time, and the only acupuncturist west of the Mississippi, to provide micro acupuncture treatments related to eye problems.  I have advanced glaucoma and have an extremely reduced field of vision in both eyes.  After Heidi’s treatments, I feel my vision is a bit brighter and my field of vision is slightly increased.   To see any improvement with glaucoma is very rare.  Medically, I have tried eye drops, laser treatments, and have had trabeculectomy operations in both eyes. Currently, there are no medical options left.  In my situation, all medical options have been exhausted.  Heidi is the only health care provider I have found that shows the possibility of maintaining my eye sight and improving the chances of enjoying better vision.  Heidi has also recommended supplements that she feels may help my condition.  I am also impressed with Heidi’s dedication to continued education.  She is always attending workshops or schools to advance her skills.  I feel very comfortable recommending Heidi.”


“I have been seeing Heidi Day, at Healing Points Northwest in Edmonds, Washington for glaucoma and complications related to cataract surgery.  After cataract surgery, I was experiencing severe non-stationary cloudiness.  According to my ophthalmologist, this was caused by the gel at the back of my eye liquefying.  It was like my eyes were fishbowls and the cloudy water was sloshing constantly, every 3 to 5 seconds, from one side to the other in both eyes.  Looking at anything was extremely frustrating and made me want to keep my eyes closed to get away from the “sloshing”.  My ophthalmologist offered no relief and said I would just have to live with it.  On the trip to Edmonds, it was very difficult for me to help read road signs.  After a week of treatments at Healing Points Northwest, my vision was much improved.  The sloshing had slowed down and on the way home my ability to read road signs was noticeably better.  Heidi is a skilled acupuncturist.  She is adept at inserting needles and does so with little discomfort.  I highly recommend her services.”


Pain Management

“I got a diagnosis from my Doctor saying that I had severe arthritis in all parts of the left knee and it included swelling and stiffness as well.. Walking became increasingly painful over the issuing nine months and I was no longer getting the exercise I needed to sustain overall healthfulness. Soon the right knee was equally dysfunctional. Upon spending several weeks in southern Mexico the climate greatly relieved the pain and swelling. Once I came again back to the Northwest a lot of the pain returned and walking up and down the stairs was off the chart.So I decided to seek treatments with Heidi Day at Healing Points Northwest. I had Acupuncture and herbal supplements and the results were amazing. The pain levels dropped immediately so I could resume more exercise. Gradually mobility returned and I can now walk up and down the stairs with moderate discomfort, just enough to remind me to keep up with this solution that has made it possible. Thank you once again Heidi.”


“For 15 years I had severe pain in my neck and shoulders. I tried every doctor, medicine, specialist, therapy with NO help.After my first treatment with Heidi Day I had some relief, after my second treatment complete relief. Every two to four weeks I go back to keep the pain under control.

I was born with a headache and stomach ache. She helps me control these issues as well. I also have a history of heart attacks, usually every 6 to 7 months. I have gone without for over 15 months. Thank you Heidi”


“A few months ago I had ankle surgery. I could only walk with a limp and favor my right ankle. After the first Acupuncture treatment I noticed that I could walk without a limp. After a few more treatments my ankle discomfort had improved a lot and I could walk normal again. I am very impressed with the results I received from Heidi’s treatments.”


“I always had very difficult menstrual cycles with cramping, PMS and fatigue. After a few weekly Acupuncture treatments my last two cycles have been much improved. I cannot believe the difference. It is profound.

I can’t thank you enough.”


Nutritional Cleanses

“I decided to do a 21 day cleanse because I wanted to lose some weight, cleanse the liver and possibly switch to a vegetarian diet.I stuck to the program and noticed after a few days how my energy increased, I experienced less headaches and my head was also more clear. With all the changes I experienced weight loss as well. The program was easy for me and I would like to continue that healthy way of eating and giving my body more nutrients.”


“I decided to do the 21 day cleansing program to improve my digestion, lose some weight and get more energy. Besides following the program I also walked every day. As a result of it I lost 10 lbs, my attitude improved  as well as my energy. I realized that I was in control of the foods I ate and not the food in control of me.I felt well supported by Heidi and the fact that we did it as a group.Heidi is well educated and provided wonderful support and encouragement.Thank you!”


“I wanted to lose some weight, cleanse the body and see what it feels like to eat a different diet. Initially it was a little difficult, but after a few days I started feeling much better. I had good energy in the morning, sustained it throughout the day and lost some weight. I would like to do it once a year. I noticed that I was thinking before I ate something, starting to make more conscious choices.”

T. D.

“I was ready to commit to a change of eating patterns. It was easy to follow. I lost 7 lbs., my energy increased and my sleep was great. My mind was more focused and I experienced a heightened sense of smell.”


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