Edmonds Acupuncture Experts

Healing Points Northwest is your local Edmond’s resource for Acupuncture, Herbs, and Whole Food Nutrition.

Acupuncture treatment offers a safe, effective, and drug-free alternative in managing your health. It targets specific systems in the body that are not functioning at their peak like seasonal allergies, insomnia, or depression/anxiety. Treatment focuses on a broad area of preventative care like Women’s Health. It also offers a gentle approach to recovery from injury or illness, resolves pain issues, and is helpful in managing stress.

Acupuncture allows the entire body to achieve optimal health!

Healing Points Northwest offers a comfortable, professional setting for you to experience the healing benefits of this traditional Chinese method of medicine.


    • Acupuncture: any health system or body part
    • Microacupuncture
    • Chinese Pulse Diagnosis
    • Cupping & Moxa; Electrostimulation
    • Nutritional Counseling using herbs, Chinese Herbal remedies, and whole food nutrition
    • Purification Programs and Assessments

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